Workshops for kids to tell their stories and make things.

Pukka hosts theatre-making workshops for primary school kids that strengthens resilience and creativity  through igniting kids' curiosity to explore and understand the world around them

We believe:

  • Kids' stories are important, kids should be heard.

  • Kids should make things, including mistakes, fearlessly.

Theatre is an excellent opportunity to encourage children to become bricoleurs. Theatre provides children with the opportunity and freedom to develop a kind of inventiveness, thus serving as an environment in which to  foster social and emotional learning, problem solve, explore creative thinking, develop cognition through theatre and play.

We are interested in designing learning experiences that equips kids with skills to deal with the big bad world, all the while still reminding them to play and be curious.

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Kids will participate in designing various theatrical elements. We use design thinking process to facilitate innovaive learning.


Kids make all thing from stories, sets, props, costumes, puppets, marketing campaigns and audiences! 



Kids will explore various performance “worlds”. This will includes the world of acting, the world of sound through song, music and percussion.