Developing Our Capacities

In an ever changing world, children need to be equipped with skills that prepare them to live as happy, daring and innovative individuals for the future. Developing children's Confidence, Collaboration, Curiosity,  Resilience and Body Control is at the heart of our practice.


What do we mean by Body Control?

The capacity of to stay on task and practice managing one’s own thoughts, feelings and body.

How we observe this?

  • keep  temper in check
  • remain calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked
  • be polite with adults and peers
  • allow others to speak without interruption
  • come to class prepared
  • start work immediately, rather than procrastinating
  • remember and follow directions
  • pay attention and resist distractions

What do we mean by Collaboration?

The capacity to work with peers to solve problems and to deal with conflict effectively.

How we observe this?

  • Adopting strategies that help group work to achieving goal
  • Balancing between listening and sharing/contributing
  • Task delegation
  • Eagerness to work with peers
  • Sophistication of problem solving
  • Willingness to share responsibility
  • Ability to resolve conflict mediate varying opinions
  • Accountability for both success and failures in achieving goals 

What do we mean by Confidence?

The capacity to believe in one’s in one's own abilities, even when others are watching.

How we observe this?

  • Ask the teacher to demonstrate a new way to approach a problem.
  • Volunteer answering questions even when unsure
  • Ask a question even if might seem basic
  • Speaking audibly and clearly in front of peers and facilitators
  • Not undermining others when they try at a task or in answering question


What do we mean by Resilience?

The capacity to keep trying even when it feels hard and the ability to bounce back from adversity.

How we observe this?

  • Sticking with commitments, even when it’s difficult
  • Not quitting in the middle of the task
  • Revising work to make it better
  • Asking other people for feedback about how you can improve
  • Maintain a sense of well being even in the face of adversity
  • Seek out problems that will push them, rather than problems that stay safely within their comfort zone

What do we mean by Curiosity?

The capacity to try new things and feel inspired to discover more by one’s own volition.

How we observe this?

  • stay behind after practice to help a teammate improve
  • explain failure on a quiz by saying, “I mismanaged my time,” or, “I didn’t work efficiently because of distractions”
  • continue working hard even when passed over for an award
  • asking questions to deepen understanding
  • googling to learn, or asking for information more about things that interest you
  • watching videos to learn a new skill or asking someone for assistance
  • discussing a topic for no other reason than that it’s interesting