Creative Projects Developing the Whole Child.


We design learning experiences that equip kids with skills enabling them to deal with the big bad world, all the while still reminding them to play and be curious.

Creative projects provide children with the opportunity and freedom to develop a kind of inventiveness encouraging them to explore, be curious and feel motivated to learn and create through play.


Project-based Learning

Project-based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.

Children engage in completing a creative project in each of our workshops through which they discover a world of knowledge and understanding about various disciplines from performance to film, from the science of light to the art of flight (aerodynamics).

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Developing Core Capacities

Our core capacities that evolve with your child. In an ever changing world, children need to be equipped with skills that prepare them to live as happy, daring and innovative individuals for the future. Developing children's Confidence, Collaboration, Curiosity,  Resilience and Body Control is at the heart of our practice.

When surrounded by a caring community and given exposure to opportunities that go beyond the traditional schooling system, we prepare children with necessary skills that are needed to learn and flourish.  

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Our Teaching Artists

Since 2016 Gabi and her pukka collaborators have taken primary school children on an epic journies in creating stories and creations that come to life.

Founded by Gabi Immelman, a distinguished international theatre-maker and teaching artist in both the USA and SA. Gabi has worked with children from all walks of life in various capacities and is committed to designing real learning experience lead by herself and other expert collaborators. 

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Located on Bree Street in Cape Town, we get to call this incredible and heritage building our home.  The amazing people who make the gallery's  heart beat pumping young blood through its veins are our family!

Youngblood Arts and Culture Development is a hub that harbours expression, creativity and imagination in all its forms for emerging artists and young organisations. The heart and creativity is bursting from those walls!


Do you remember that feeling when your world expands and you amaze yourself and everything feels exciting and new? I watched my children live through that experience this week. It was deeply beautiful.

— Michelle Mistry, Mom and Founder of IndiKaap



Our workshops have been featured in the press and we're so excited to share our mission in changing our approach to  learning and embracing our creativity.  Read more.